Jumat, 05 April 2013

Repost from FATVICTIM (Freerideshop - Rai Febrian in Bali)


Bayu Prasetio

Date of Birth?
Bekasi, 07 Oktober 1991 

When you started for riding?
I started riding 2-3 years ago. Actually, i started to ride bmx from elementary school.

What are your activities outside of BMX?
At the moment i busy with my study, freelance working, and riding bmx for sure.

Could you tell the story when you riding bmx?
I liked bmx when i was at elementary school, and at that time my brother riding was bmx also. So, i was always watching him doing some tricks. Then i started riding when i started senior high school. But last time my bmx was stolen.

What kind of the accident have you had?
Small accident, no broken bones. 

How about the spot you like?
I likes natural street, because when i’m bored i can move to another place. And the place that i would like to visit is Bronx-New York.

As a human and rider, do you like listening to music and watching movies?
Of course i like to listen to music, i listen to music when i’m riding. Because its relaxing. I also like to watch movies especially action movies.

What is your favorite food?
I like all kinds of foods.

Do your parents support when you riding bmx?
My parents worry when i riding, but they still support me.

Have you ever won a competition?
I don’t like riding at the competitions, I prefer riding just for fun.

What is your favorite bmx video?
My favorite bmx videos are cult, animal, united, shadow, and more.

What is your hope for bmx in Indonesia?
I hope the government give respect, and make facilities for bmx. And all of riders can work in harmony.

Last words?